New Year, New Do, but still I Love You

Christmas season is usually the time when people reminisce about everything that happened during the past year. For me 2016 had been a roller coaster ride. I traveled by myself for the first time and visited Seoul, South Korea (even if it was only a long layover), attended my aunt’s wedding in the Philippines (which I honestly thought would never happen lol), graduated from a 4-year university with a business degree (yey me), went to  Universal Studios 3 times to see Wizarding World of Harry Potter, got my hair colored for the first time, played countless hours of Pokemon Go, created an Instagram account, and of course I can’t forget this year I started blogging. And also 2016 was when “He” finally admitted he liked me back. I hope life is that easy, just counting all the happy moments in my life without worrying about anything else. But let’s be honest, life isn’t like that and it can be unfair sometimes.

This year as hard as I tried, I couldn’t even get a minimum wage job, which is truly sad. I got multiple rejections in a day and it seemed like I would be unemployed for a long time. I tried to keep positive, but sometimes it got too overwhelming. However, when I interviewed at Aramark a few weeks ago I was beyond excited when they hired me on the spot. I did not even care what my wage was, I was just excited they took a chance on me.

I also got a new hairstyle. I’ve been waiting for months to grow my hair out for this. This wasn’t really the look I was going for, but I ended up loving it. 


Despite so many things to be thankful for, there’s one thing that makes my holiday sad. I honestly don’t know why I’m having such a hard time enjoying this Christmas. Everyone seemed so busy and parties are not the same. People who usually are together for Christmas aren’t together. It’s really sad how people change over the years, makes you really wonder who’s really your friend.

There’s also this issue about my ex. It’s really frustrating how he ignores me. He doesn’t show up on gatherings anymore and when he sees me he just runs away from me and it hurts a lot coz I’ve known him forever and he’s always been there. Knowing that he isn’t anymore makes me feel empty inside.  People who know me probably gets sick of hearing me talk about him, but what can I do I truly miss him and it’s not like our choice to just end everything as is. He is dealing it in his own way like I’m trying to deal with it. It’s probably stupid, but I’m still holding on to hope that maybe when the time is right, we can try again. 


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