My Love 4 Cooking

I was probably 10 or 11 when I started to cook on my own. The first thing I learned was fried egg and that was a long time ago back when we were still living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Now, well let’s just say I evolved since then.


I haven’t cooked a lot before 2014. I guess it started when I got tired of eating the same Filipino food every time. The first dish I made was steak with chimichurri sauce. In fact, my mom loved the sauce so much that she kept making one for weeks (of course she can’t exactly make the one I made). From then I started to look up other recipes and they turned out really good. I just kept cooking and lose track of how many food I made. I tend to take pics of all my food, but only the pretty ones make my social media accounts. Usually I have one plate that I put an effort in, others well…they just get eaten up straight from the pan.


Something more enjoyable than cooking alone is cooking with and for friends. What makes me happy is when people enjoy my food. Maybe I should open a restaurant or a small café…Here’s the latest food I made last night. Breakfast for dinner anyone?



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